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Job Application Form


Please complete this form and send it before the closing date detailed in the job advert. Late applications will not be considered and only information provided on this application form will be considered. Curriculum Vitae’s will not be accepted. 

Please outline clearly how your qualifications and experience meet the job description and person specification. All information given will be treated with the strictest confidence.


Continuation sheets may be added if necessary, please name and date them. This application form will form the basis of any contract of employment.

Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group will seek to ensure that all existing and potential employees are given equal opportunities.


Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group is committed to the elimination of unlawful or unfair discrimination and will seek to ensure that no applicant for employment is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be justified.

For any queries please email

Can we ring you at work?
Are you eligible for employment in the UK?
Do you have a driving license?
Do you have access to a vehicle or public transport?
Do you have any relationship (, friends) with anyone working for the provision? If so please provide details below.

1. Education

2.   Employment

Current/most recent employment:

Other employment/career history starting with the most recent:

For posts which involve working with children, please give your full employment history; accounting for any gaps

Other interests:

3.   Supporting Statement

Please use the space below to tell us how your hobbies, skills, experiences, and achievements make you a suitable candidate for our role. Using the duties and requirements listed in the job description and person specification, please demonstrate your ability and aptitude to undertake the duties of the post. Please complete this section as fully as possible, as the information you provide will be used in assessing your application and will form part of the selection process.

4.   References

Please supply the names and contact details of two people who we may contact for references. One of these must be your current or most recent employer. If one of your previous positions involved work with children, then your second referee should be from that employer. Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group will ask these references if you have ever been the subject of any safeguarding concerns. Neither referee should be a relative or someone known to you solely as a friend. Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group reserves the right to take up references from any previous employer.

Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group will take up both references and more if deemed appropriate upon point of job offer and not before. Employment with the company is contingent upon these references coming back in a positive light. 

Reference 1:

May we contact the referee on point of job offer?

Reference 2:

May we contact the referee on point of job offer?

5.   Criminal Record

An offer of employment is conditional upon Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group receiving an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which the management considers to be satisfactory. Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group applies for an Enhanced Check for Regulated Activity from the DBS (which includes a check of the Children’s Barred List) in respect of all positions at the Nursery which amount to regulated activity. It is unlawful for Bramble Outdoor Nursery Group to employ anyone who is barred from working with children. It is a criminal offence for any person who is barred from working with children to attempt to apply for a position at the Nurseries. If you are successful in your application, you will be required to complete a DBS Disclosure Application Form. Any information disclosed will be handled in accordance with any guidance and/or code of practice published by the DBS.

Have you ever been convicted, cautioned or reprimanded for a criminal offence?
Are you on either of the two lists banning you from working with children or vulnerable adults imposed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)?

6.    Declaration

Any of the above particulars may be subject to verification. I understand that any false, inaccurate, or incomplete information could result in dismissal, disciplinary action, or withdrawal of any offer of employment.

I declare that the information given on this is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and complete and can be treated as part of any subsequent contract of employment.

I understand that the early years setting may process, by means of a computer database or otherwise, any information which I provide to it, for the purpose of employment with the setting.

7.    Recruitment Monitoring Form – Voluntary and Confidential

Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group are committed to equal opportunities in employment. It is our policy to employ the best qualified personnel and to provide equal opportunity for the advancement of employees including promotion and training and not to discriminate against any person because of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, religion or religious belief, disability or age. Completion of this form is voluntary:

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
I would describe my race or ethnic origin as (please tick appropriate box):

I consent to Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group holding the data in the equal opportunities section of this form in their database and manual file.

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