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A Natural Learning Journey

Guided by Nature, Inspired by Nature

The health, safety and welfare of all children is of paramount importance.

Children in our care have the right to protection regardless of age, gender, race, culture, background or disability.


They have a right to be safe in our setting. Our policies represents the agreed principles for safeguarding children at the setting.



We provide an environment that allows children to gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence through child lead activities and encouragement from caring staff.

We allow children to explore the world around them learning how to manage their own risks and experiment using their ideas.

We support children to understand boundaries, work together to create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Understanding children's individual needs.



Children at the setting are never left unsupervised. There is a minimum of two members of staff on the premises at any one time and we operate according to the EYFS standards on adult to child ratios. Volunteers are never left to work unsupervised and are asked to sign a volunteer agreement. All staff have a responsibility to report concerns they have about a child. Beverley Budd is our Safeguarding Coordinator for Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group.

The Designated Safeguarding Leads at each setting are


Brambles Figheldean - Grace Bayliss

Brambles Cholderton - Cheryl Palmer

Brambles Hindon - Nikki Guest

Brambles Wilton - Sally Hutchings

Brambles Rushall - Corrie Hayward

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