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The Brambles Way

Emotional well-being

At Brambles we believe that helping

children understand big emotions is

important. We create a safe

environment with understanding adults

in which they learn strategies that help

them become resilient, caring adults.

Self regulation happens when the

caring adults are able to co-regulate and 

valuing our teams mental health is part

of this process.

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Role of the Family

At Brambles we value our partnership

with families. We encourage parents to

share children’s interests and

milestones so that we can incorporate

them in our day. Photos from home

allow children to share their

experiences with us, and our daily

posts and messages to parents gives

them the opportunity to chat and be

part of their child’s journey.

A Natural Learning Journey

Guided by Nature, Inspired by Nature


The Role of the Environment

The natural environment at Brambles

plays an important role by sparking

wonder and curiosity. Natural open

ended resources promote imagination

encouraging children to be creative.

Children explore the seasons and we

embrace the British weather as a

learning opportunity.

Open-ended learning.jpg

The Languages of a Child

Children have many ways to discover,

think, communicate and learn. At

Brambles we believe it is important to

give children endless ways to express

their thoughts and theories and

support them whilst they investigate

new ideas.

The Image of the Child

Children at Brambles are viewed as

competent natural researchers. They

are investigators and curious problem

solvers who are full of knowledge,

potential and interest in the world

around them.


The Role of the Practitioners

At Brambles the practitioners and

children work side by side.

Practitioners value the child’s thinking

and include their interests in

provocations and invitations to play.

Practitioners engage and extend

children’s learning by modeling,

encouraging and exploring children’s


Preschool learning.jpg

The Emergent Learning Process

At Brambles we believe that a play and

enquiry based environment challenges

and allows children to make sense of

the world. Centring around the

children’s interests, explorations,

curiosity and the world around them.

Through exploration children are able

to learn at their own pace, valuing each

child’s experiences and choices. Play

and learning becomes about the

process and not the product.

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