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Squirrel Family (1-2 years old)


Our squirrel room is for children aged 12 months to 24 months old. We have a beautiful yurt for our youngest children to play in, it’s a calming, homely space which we can play in the warmth by the fire, exploring treasure baskets or playing peek a boo with the team.

The children have plenty of opportunities to explore and play in a unique way with a wide range of natural resources. We believe children thrive being outdoors, they gain a sense of freedom to explore in a nurturing and positive environment.
We provide support for them to move between the yurt and the outside garden, taking those first steps or cruising around our smallest garden.

At Brambles we believe that family groups are very important and our Brambles family is an extension of yours, each child and family has their own key person as well as the close knit ties within all the team in the family group, children build strong relationships with team members.


We believe that as every child is individual so we tailor the routine of the Brambles day to each child, we have cots, sleeping baskets, sleep mats and hammocks available for the children to sleep where they are comfortable and these are available throughout the day depending on your child’s sleep pattern. In support of this we also have two lunch sittings at 11.30 and 12pm and rolling snack times so that children can eat when they have woken up or before they go for sleep depending on their routines.

We have space inside our building for sleeping and eating around the table, with various sitting opportunities such as table high chairs, pocket high chairs with chairs, as well as stools so that children can be supported while they are younger and then start the transition to independence. 

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