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Owls & Foxes Families

When a child starts with us at Brambles Cholderton, they join one of our family groups. Our family groups at Cholderton are Foxes (over 3s) and Owls (2-3 year olds). They will have a named person who will work with the family and child to create a relationship which allows the child to feel safe and secure.  Our family group is an extension of this and gives all children a sense of belonging with continuity of familiar staff who know the children well.

At Brambles Cholderton our Owls and Foxes play alongside each other in our large magical garden. The Owls benefit from modelling the older Foxes in their play, picking up vocabulary and learning new skills. The Foxes love teaching the younger children from blowing bubbles and building blocks to how to use hammers and nails safety and squirting paint onto sheets.

Contact with families is vital! We use a system called Famly which allows us to stay in contact with families as well as providing updates on how your child is progressing. Each day your child attends Brambles you will receive a daily round up of what their family group has been up. You will also receive a weekly summary on Famly of all of the lovely learning as well as lots of photos of the exciting things your child has been doing.

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