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Foxes Family (3 years old to school)

A typical day with Foxes could be walking down over the field from the village hall saying hello to villagers and their friendly dogs or the farmer on his tractor ploughing the fields that surround us in Ablington. We then choose what we would like to do that day, sat around the warming fire in the yurt.

Each child has a key person but we believe at Brambles that it takes a village to raise children and we all share the responsibility of their care, education and love.We share our snack outside or around the warming fire choosing a delicious peice of fruit from the fruit bowl with a snack.

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Each family group takes it in turns to come and eat their home cooked meals in our beautiful dining room equipped with bench style seating to really foster the sense of community, children and adults eat their food together, discussing their morning and plans for the afternoon.

The afternoon always includes some mindful yoga and concentrated breathing a moment to pause for both adults and children.We have lots of fun in the mud, and use the weather to our advantage with fun activities using the wind, rain and sunshine to our advantage.

You then receive a weekly summary on Famly of all of the lovely learning, photos of the exciting things we got to share and the friends we have made from your family group.

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