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  What we do......

 Brambles Outdoor Nursery Group are a multi award winning Outdoor Nursery Group with four magical nurseries nestled within the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We aim to provide an enchanting outdoor environment that allows children to gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence through child lead activities and encouragement from our caring staff.

We encourage our Bramblers to explore the world around them learning how to manage their own risks and experiment using their own ideas. Our team of wonderful practitioners support our Bramblers to understand boundaries and work together to create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect.


At Brambles we believe that a sense of who you are and the amazing things you can achieve are what makes you...you! Family is what helps mould who you are and who you become as you grow, we believe that we are an extension of your family at home.


Our Settings

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Family Groups

 When a child start with us at Brambles, they join one of our family groups. Our family groups are Squirrels, Foxes and Owls. They have a named person who will work with the family and child, creating a relationship which allows the child to feel safe and secure.

Our family group is an extension of this and gives all children a sense of belonging with continuity of familiar staff who know the children well.

Our online Journal and communication system, ‘Famly’ allows parents and carers to develop great links with their family group.Our system is secure and provides parents with a messaging option. Parents can fully participate in their child's journey throughout their time with us.


Each child will be a focus child in their family each half term. They get a whole week dedicated to them where they share their news, interests and their favourite things in our Hedgehog bags from home. Mums, dads, grandparents and brothers and sisters can share information and photos on our Famly app all about special moments that have happened in your family in those few weeks.

We then use all of this fantastic information to help us with our in the moment planning, where the children take the lead and we scaffold their learning filling in the gaps in their knowledge with our talented and caring staff. This goes into a paper journal, a lovely keepsake you get to keep after your child has moved on to school. 

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