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Brambles Hindon was our second Nursery which we opened in 2018. We are located next to the small primary school in the quaint Wiltshire village of Hindon. Nestled in the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we are incredibly lucky to have a stunning location for our children to enjoy the countryside overlooking open fields. 

A Day at Brambles Hindon......

Our children start their day by being greeted by our wonderful Brambles Hindon team at the five bar gate where they wash their hands and head straight into our Brambles garden to begin their day.

Our Bramblers set about deciding what they would like to do and can choose from our wide range of resources. From building and climbing on planks and boards to making wonderful recipes in the mud kitchen adding mint, lentils, flour and foam to the water and mud. The water butt is always full and the sand pit is popular with its buckets, racks and sieves.

We love to use our fire pit to cook our mid morning snack, our children enjoy helping the adults prepare the food and watch it cooking away before we all sit down together to enjoy our homemade snack before washing up and getting back to our play.  

Our Bramblers have a cosy yurt which has books and is full of interesting objects for them to explore. The wood burner keeps us nice and toasty warm on the cold winter days and the fairy lights twinkle as we snuggle down for a story. 

We all sit down together to eat our packed lunches at the table in the cabin when its wintry but when its dry we get to sit outside and have a picnic!

At the end of the week we love to share our adventures with our families by sending lots of lovely pictures on the Famly app for you to enjoy!