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Here we will give you a little more insight to our unique Brambles setting situated within Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm. Our setting accommodates children from 2 years old up to school age, 50 weeks a year. At Cholderton Brambles we are steeped in a Forest School ethos where we passionately believe children learn and thrive from being surrounded by nature’s abundance. 

A Day at Brambles Cholderton....

Our children start the day around our fire circle. Together we light our fire and discuss what healthy snack we will cook that the children are supervised to help prep and when deemed safe, cook.

We talk about the day, the weather we feel around us and what areas of our setting the children might wish to explore. Perhaps they would enjoy cooking up a muddy treat in our mud kitchen using herbs from our vegetable patch to add more flavour? Maybe they would like to work together with their friends, using our large obstacles, like scaffolding and crates to build a pirate ship or an obstacle course. Our resources are carefully chosen so that children have endless, open possibilities to create, imagine and grow in any direction they choose. 

The children at Brambles are encouraged to be masters of their own learning. We provide an environment that allows children to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and independence through play, the environment and encouragement from caring staff. We allow children to explore the natural world around them, learning how to manage their own risks and experiment using their own ideas.

Our adult led activities are centred around outdoor skills. We use a range of tools, safely, for children to try whittling, sawing, lopping, drilling, the list is endless... We continuously try new creative ways to incorporate learning using as natural resources as we possibly can. 

The children will also be a part of Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm, where they will witness life on the farm, the changing of the seasons, plants and animals. 
They will be invited to learn so much about our natural environment, how to care for our planet and all it’s creatures, great or small.


For shelter, we have two cosy yurts with log burning stoves, which children love to listen to stories or have a nap. In the summer, children are encouraged to sleep outdoors in our hammocks. We also have a sheltered table, where we eat alfresco most days. We are outdoors, come rain or shine, wind or snow, all year round. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Which is why, once you have successfully secured a place at Brambles Cholderton, your child will receive a high-quality clothing bundle to ensure your child can enjoy themselves, no matter the weather!

At the end of the day we join one more around our fire circle to talk about the day. We sing a song to thank our fire for the heat and cooking the snack we eat. we then put the fire out and bid farewell to our friends until our next adventure at Brambles Cholderton.